Monday, August 30, 2010

Good fishing

During one of todays patrols a familiar form of a regular visitor was spotted from the road, by the side of the river.
I heaved my bike over the gate into the field and rolled down the hill to see him, making sure to come up on the blind side so as not scare any fish. He gave a report of his day so far detailing his successes and failures, taking time to mention a 'family' of stoats hunting the riverbank and a very nice brown trout netted earlier on.
'I've scared these fish in front of us Warren'
During the course of the conversation, as is usual with this angler, neither of us took our eyes from the water for longer than two seconds, when he declared a subtle rise in a tiny pocket under the far bank. The spot seemed perfect; hidden under a small bush, well fed by a food lane, in-between two brown sticks under the bank. It was not possible to simply cast above and let the river take the fly into the hole, a small branch touching the water made that impossible.
I goaded him to have a go so he unshipped the fly from the keeper to oblige. After a single 'getting out cast', he dropped the fly on the water only a few inches from the previous rise form.
WHAM! A fantastic brown trout, with 'steel eyes' came quickly to the net.
There are five things that make this impressive;
  1. The rise was spotted in the first place
  2. The cast was attempted
  3. The cast was extremely accurate
  4. Trees had to be avoided on the back cast
  5. The leader was 15 foot long!

OK, I admit the angler was warmed up after four hours of fishing, very familiar with his kit, and tuned into the river despite me visiting, but there was no doubt I witnessed an expert piece of dry fly fishing today.

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