Thursday, November 6, 2008


These two interlopers are recent visitors to the watershed. Six years ago we saw our first Cormorant and the Mink have been here for about three. The Mink were brought to England and then released and the Cormorants have adapted to fishing inland rivers and lakes thanks to the over fishing and depletion of their preferred sea fish diet.

We are ready for the next invasion of opportunistic mammals, birds or plants that will undoubtedly find there way here thanks to Mans unbelievable and thoughtless blundering, what ever they may be.

It certainly isn't the fault of these creatures, that found themselves in completely the wrong place and are only trying to survive. That said this useful brace is again the product of Jans attention to detail and hard work. He's been after that female mink for some time now. As the clays have 'gone quiet' we think what remains of our Water Voles might be safe for the winter.

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